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Hey, so I'm using the modern Square theme by eNvy and I am having trouble finding out how to change the logo. I cannot just go into mybb config and change the logo image, because turns out. this theme isnt even using one, the logo is coded in to the html. I have no idea how to edit the HTML, I have been trying. This is what the logo looks like:

[Image: 4OZa7Jd.png]

If anyone could tell me how to edit the direct html of the website, I would appreciate it. Or if anyone could figure out how to change this logo ^_^

ACP >> Themes >> Your Theme (Square) >> (scroll down) Edit Theme Properties >> Board Logo
(2014-11-10, 06:27 AM)mmadhankumar Wrote: [ -> ]ACP >> Themes >> Your Theme (Square) >> (scroll down) Edit Theme Properties >> Board Logo

No, but thats exactly my problem. The theme doesnt use a logo image which is set in the "ACP >> Themes >> Your Theme (Square) >> (scroll down) Edit Theme Properties >> Board Logo" The logo Is coded in, I cant find anywhere to change it.
can i have the forum url...
(2014-11-10, 06:52 AM)mmadhankumar Wrote: [ -> ]can i have the forum url...
This is a text based logo and is located in your header template in "logo" div. Try searching <div class="logo"> and you will find it.
If you want to keep it text based, then change word "SQUARE" to your wish. If you want to add an image in here, then add this code.
<div class="logo"><img scr="Your Image Path Here" alt="your site name" ></div>

This will change your logo.
and if you want that image to be clickable and linked to the home page make it like this....

<div class="logo" original-title=""><a href="FORUM HOME"><img src="IMAGE LINK" alt="" title="" /></a></div>
i doesnt helps anyway i open the XML file in the editor of mine, save it & it wont take the settings, may u help me with it pls?
can you post your header template here (ACP >> Templates >> Your Theme's Templates >> Header Templates >> header)