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Full Version: 2 Things
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I need help with two things here.

1. }}} appears on every post on my forum, every reply and post. It's right beside the warn button. Where do I have to go in to get that glitch away.

2. Two of my directories(Avatar Uploads and File Uploads) are not set right. They need to be CHMOD777, I know how to switch a folders permissions so it is 777, its just in Mybb Admin CP what route do I put x/x/x , and where would I follow that route in my FTP. public_Html/ ?
1. check your postbit_classic template.
2. public_html/uploads is the folder you want to chmod, might not be recursive so you'll have to chmod public_html/uploads/avatars as well if so.
Yes, but what exactly do I put for a path?