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Full Version: Step by Step CHMOD
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I need a step by step of the paths I need to direct my avatar and file uploads too. Also , I know how to make the folders CHMOD777, it's just what exactly would I put for the path.
1) Open filezilla and connect to the server.

2) Find your forum root (where index.php, etc. are).

3) Right click the "uploads" folder, and click "file permissions"

4) Type 777 in the "numeric value" box, and check the "recurse into subdirectories" box, then run.

That should do it.
Yes, but what do I put in my Mybb Admin CP for the path.
What do you mean? If you're referring to the uploads path, it should be "./uploads" (without the quotes)
So do I always put ./ then wherever the path is?
Not necessarily. That's just the default value for the ACP -> Configuration -> Server and Optimization Options -> uploads path setting. What other settings are you confused about?
I privated messaged you, i'm obviously doing something wrong. lol