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Full Version: My forum has been hacked help
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when you login theme changes to plain whit as seen on above screenshot...

actual theme rush has been messed up as seen on this screenshot..

But when i change to another template then everything is normal as seen on this screenshot ( they messed up mybb default theme and rush theme.

Plkease help anyone

forum url
The were the same people who Hacked me, Shade & Spook. I know the also hacked another forum i know of last night.
still looking for help, can anyone get back with something please
If you can PM me temporary FTP and admin account details I can look.
Pm sent paul thank you for helping
Hope you had a back up database.
(2014-11-10, 08:37 PM)Saint Francis Wrote: [ -> ]Hope you had a back up database.

ye have lost few users and posts but glad not full forum is effected as backup was there