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Full Version: Avatars not showing
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So I changed my CHMODS properly

I got my avatars going in ./uploads/avatars

But they won't load if you load an avatar it doesn't show, but it will show on the forums main index page but not in any of the posts or in the avatar section in user cp.
As a guest I can view avatars in threads / posts. I think you might need to check the box in your User CP that says to Display Avatars in Posts.
It is checked.

If you register and try to upload an avatar, it won't show. Only through direct URL.

But it will show on the index just not in threads.
Hey, I google searched, "Users cannot upload avatars MyBB" and came up with a list of possible solutions, for example:

why don't you check out the link and the google search and let us know what you come up with!
We will help you get this figured out.
I've tried all that.

Just someone, register an account at my forum and try to upload an avatar through the browse option . You'll see what I mean. Then make a post. It won't be in the thread, but on the index.