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Full Version: Remove Background from Sidebar
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Hello everyone,

I have uploaded a new background to my images folder, also edited it in the global.css.

The problem I'm having now is that it's not showing at all.

I have this sidebar to the right of the website, when people click on the brush the background I had before would pop up. Clearly this is not working so now I wanted to put in a background everyone can see without having to click on the brush.

I think the sidebar background images are in conflict with the background image in the global.css.
Because when you refresh, you see the background for a split second, followed by black background after.

Can I disable the sidebar background option?
I've looked everywhere but couldn't find it, would be happy if anyone could help!

Login: Test, pass: test123

Thanks in advance,



Bump!! I need help! Smile
Another bump, come on someone should know this?
Be more specific to receive quicker help - which background are you talking about? The one for <body>? if yes, the path to the image is invalid and you need to correct it.
Hello Destroy666, that's correct, the main body background.

I see, how can I fix this?
Change in theme global.css body backgroung-image from:
background-image: url(images/bf/body_bg/BF3.png);
background-image: url(images/bf/body_bg/BF3.jpg);

SvePu thanks my friend!