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Full Version: Help Documents Search Error 1.8
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When I go to search keywords in the Help Documents, I receive this error:

Quote:Fatal error: Call to undefined function helpdocument_perform_search_mysql() in /home2/maindirectory/public_html/board/misc.php on line 219

on a white page.

I'm unsure of how to fix this, as this is what is in that .php document:

Quote:if($db->can_search == true)
require_once MYBB_ROOT."inc/functions_search.php";

$search_results = helpdocument_perform_search_mysql($search_data);

The bold is the 219 line of the php.
Your inc/functions_search.php is probably outdated.
How would I update the inc/functions_search.php?

I installed the forum using a clean install of MyBB 1.8, straight from the download from the official site.

EDIT: I resolved this. Thank you for your time.