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Full Version: video embedding
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How do I go about embedding a video, specifically a .webm video into a post on mybb?

I can't seem to find a plugin or anything that does this? 
Admin - MyCode - add new MyCode

Regular Expression:

<video width="560" height="320" controls="controls" preload="none"><source src="$1" type="video/webm"></video>

Then in post
what about if I wanted to upload the webm as an attachment, and insert it into the post like I would a normal picture?
you can upload attachment, copy its url and insert it in [webm]url[/webm]
don't forget to add attachment type in your acp

of course, you can have plugin for this, but it works without, just one more action (copy url from attachment)

video files are not good as attachments, they are too big