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Full Version: Can browse forum, but cannot login.
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When I click "Login", i get a blank page saying 

"The website cannot display the page

 HTTP 500

 Most likely causes:
  • The website is under maintenance.

  • The website has a programming error."

You can look for yourself.  Sad
i got mybb sql error hmm
(2014-11-12, 11:00 AM)Butterball Wrote: [ -> ]i got  mybb sql error hmm

just doing a rollback to 1.6.10

Okay, so I applied the 1.6.10 > 1.8.1 update and i cannot click the "login" button. It brings me to a blank page.
Anybody have any ideas? I don't want to be stuck using 1.6.10 forever...
you should check error log (if available at web host control panel) for blank pages & internal server error 500
I dont see any error logs. This is done by a mySQL Workbench on MS Server 2012 root.