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Full Version: Lost forum files, but still have database SQL.
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I dun goofed and lost my forum folder backup when doing maintenance, and now the forum files are forever lost..
I still have a recent backup of my forum's database.sql, can i salvage my forum by installing a fresh 1.8.1 and adding my database.sql?

Its 2 years of forum activity...
The only thing you lost is plugins.

The safest way is too upload your old version and restore it, and then make upgrade to 1.8.1

But it is quite probable to just upload 1.8.1 files, change config.php and run upgrade. I'd try that first.
Be sure not to lose your sql backup. Download it.

I recommend you to have local version (wamp server or something like this) for that to never happen. And upgrade local version first to be sure everything is ok.
WAAAT!?!!? you mean I didn't lose my forum!?? only files that can easily be replaced?!?! YUUSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big GrinDDD Big Grin Big GrinDDDD