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Full Version: my forum url redirects to onther url after open
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Me and other members have notice this problem
Specially when using mobile browser
Any way
This is my forum url

Sometimes after you open it and the gorum page opens normally..just before the page has vompldtly load
Suddly it redircts me to this link

This is a very annoying problem and it only appeared after we upgrade to 1.8 

I hope anyone can help me in giguring this out
Are you running any third party apps on your site?
If so, that will be your culprit.

Are you running any kind of script that looks like this or similar, check your templates.
<script src=""></script>
what you mean by third party application...

where should i check this code
in which template
Hi, what I mean is, are you running any apps on your site, not verified mybb plugins but apps that you have gotten from other sites and put onto your site.
yes but all of them are widgets
these are the onlythings i got from other sites
then most likely one of the widgets is causing the issue,
if you put a head tag in - with one of the widgets, I would assume, that would be it.
Or a javascript widget, I would begin there.
do any of the widgets have rumobi connected to it in any way?
i did not found anything with this url
i also notice something
it is not always redirect to the url above
it just redirect to any urls everytime