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Full Version: Large Image for Avatar Upload = "White Page"
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I'm looking to see if others have upload issues with avatars on 1.8.

It might be a time out issue but testing a 1500px X 1500px image to be an avatar.

I've upped the size limit to 5000Kb but the only if I reduce the image to 500px X 500px will it be successful.

Any ideas?

For changing avatar attributes I've entered:

ACP>Configuration>Settings>Member List
ACP>Configuration>Settings>Profile Options
What are the POST upload limits and PHP file upload size limits for your server/host? Often the "white page of death" is a result of a PHP error. I could be wrong, but the issue might be caused by a server configuration that does not allow very large files to be uploaded.
@darth apple

It wasn't a php.ini file size issue but a fcgid issue. I know many people though need to fix their php.ini file for this though so I'll mark it a "best answer".

You're awesome for following up Smile