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Full Version: Permissions Issue
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While setting permissions in custom permissions, two things keep happening.

First, the permissions will work as normal, like this when the popup appears:

[Image: HN2vzYs.png]

Sometimes, however, it will do this:

[Image: 1gxdhbz.png]

and look like this when I close the popup:

[Image: uUE95wX.png]

I then have to click the Permissions tab to get back to viewing the permissions.

The second thing is what happens with the moderation permissions. The fourth tab. Even if I save the permissions and set them after making adjustments to the checkboxes, it doesn't actually save the permissions themselves, and I can't do anything in the forums with an admin account.
after clicking the tabs, have you noticed any java script / css issue in browser console ?
(not sure if this is related => Permission edit custom)
It doesn't happen all the time, and the popups are fine. It's mostly the actual permissions area disappearing, and then coming back when I click the tab.

And the moderation stuff, I don't know what would be causing that. The javascript and CSS are fine in my console.
looks like its related to browser cache. may be you can try using another browser and check if referred issues happen again