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Full Version: 1.6 theme in 1.8
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Hey guys,

i spent the last days to fix some bugs and a few remain Sad

my forum is

and my quick edit button is broken Sad

Jscripts are in the templates. Full edit works, just quick edit does nothing

i checked templates and i dont see any


its just not there. do i need to create it ?

thanks for your time and help !
Bugs ≠ unintended usage of 1.6 theme in 1.8. As it has been said many times, you either need do update many templates to work with 1.8 or download a 1.8 compatible theme from here:

EDIT: Also, that premium theme has been updated for 1.8 afaik, so you can contact the author if you bought it.
its already the updated version :-)

Just thought it may be an general issue.

Ill maybe ask the audentio support. thanks Smile