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Full Version: Missing language files and other bits...
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Hi there,

i have updated to 1.8 and a few bits and bobs are malfunctioning...

For example, the date from my posts have disappeared (see screenshot)
Where you see the comma, you should see the day and the date.

Some strings are also missing here and there...
For example these are the setting fro gomobile:

This is the task manager:

This is the mobile version, "new posts" page. Yo iwill notice the string "vai al primo post non letto" which should be an icon in the shape of an arrow taking you to the first non read post.

Anyway... you get my drift.

Can you direct me in the right direction?
- you're not using a 1.8 translation, of course it should be updated too... I think I saw new Italian version somewhere EDIT: here it is:
- you're not using a 1.8 compatible theme, sooner or later you'll find out problems like registration detecting everyone as spammer (just try it, it will result in an empty error because the "You were detected as spammer.." string is missing)
- and I'm guessing based on GoMobile mention that you're not using 1.8 compatible plugins either.

To sum up, you didn't prepare for the upgrade.