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Full Version: 1.8 Upgrade and SMF to MyBB
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Its been a fun day!

I took an existing MyBB form and moved it over to a new location and rebranded it for a friend. After doing so everything worked great! Then I decided to update to 1.8 and move a SMF database over. Everything went smoothly, or so I though. 

You can check out the site at

Now the problem. On the main page the thread and post counts are not showing up. If you click on a forum it all shows up. 

I first thought there was a problem at the theme level, but after working with the default theme and even creating a new default theme the problem is still there. This is telling me that its not theme related. 

I'm scratching my head on this one.


it seems like some caches where not build correctly. Please use the "Recount & Rebuild" functionality in the ACP (ACP > Tools & Maintenance > Recount & Rebuild).
Nailed it. Its odd that in all my searches that never came up. I specifically searched for cache reset and rebuild.

Thanks for your help.