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Full Version: Display [img] code in forum description
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I have a MyBB platform forum.
As the title says, i want to know how to add an image to one of my subforumus descriptions.
To be more explicit, i have the category "General Stuff" and under it i created a child forum named "Forum rules".
In "Forum Rules" description i want to add an image ([img]link...[/img]). I did this, the link is working, but it does not display the image - instead, it displays the code mentioned earlier.
I'm new on this, so even if it's something basic, any help would pe appreciated.

Thank you.
Have you tried using HTML instead of MyCode?
LOL, actually i didn't.
i tried html now and it works Smile thank you!
another question would be how to upgrade the mybb version from 1.8.1 to a future version...
thanks again Smile!
Whenever new upgrade is out there is blog post with instructions how to upgrade it or with link to page about it:
i have another question.
why is my forum blocked by avast? it says it's virused, but it's definitely not the case.
is there a setting that causes this false positive?
thank you.