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Full Version: Clickable MyCode Editor - language problem
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Hi all!
I have a problem with MyCode editor.
When Board Language is set to Serbian - txt editor hasnt show options for formating (pic 1).
When Board Language is set to English - txt editor shows options for formating (pic 2).

How to resolve this problem?  Undecided
(My forum is not online at the moment, so I can not give you a URL)

[Image: ed1.png]

[Image: ed2.png]
What translation you use?

Don't use 1.6 translation at 1.8 forum...

Can you post your forum link?

//off I'm from Croatia Wink
problem solved, the error was in a "enter" in lang file.

Pozdrav, Zyon! Wink
Glad you solve that Smile