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Full Version: You don't have permission to use newthread.php
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My website:
I am unable to post any threads with a very specific symbol posting. I've done the basic troubleshooting steps:

1. Disable all plugins.
2. Set chmod correctly to all files and folders
3. Test a thread with every natural symbol available.

The problem comes when a specific symbol is posted more than one time in a thread, and this is the symbol:


if there are more than one - in a thread, then it shoots me that error, however, after removing all but one, the thread posts fine.

Any ideas of what's going on here? Huh
1. You're using a 1.6 theme, not sure why that would be the cause but you have many other bugs you still didn't notice. Try registering for example, you'll always be detected as a spammer. You either need to update many templates to work with 1.8 or download a 1.8 compatible theme:

2. Please provide a testing account with posting access.
I'm using a 1.6 theme that I've customized extensively and use the xThreads forms for my entire website's main functionality. I'd love to get a 1.8 compatible theme, but I feel that it'd be much more work than is necessary as I would have to rebuild my entire site's custom interface and form material.

I do have a test account, I'll PM you with the login creds. Thank you.

I just posted 2 replies with a few hyphens (-), no error/warning/problem at all. It looks like they're blocked by word filter and changed to * though, check ACP -> Configuration -> Word Filters.

EDIT: oh, you mean newthread.php, not newreply.php (newpost doesn't even exist, edited the title). If all plugins are surely disabled and ACP -> Tools & Maintenance -> File Verification doesn't report any problems, you should either try changing your theme or contacting your hosting.

As for customisations, moving them is probably easier than fixing templats for 1.8. But as you wish.
Hmmm....i wonder if it's usergroup based. See, when I tried to do it, I just clicked "preview post" and it still failed.

I suppose I can install a 1.8 theme for my users and I'll just work on trying to customize that as well. Can you try again though? I took off the word filter, let's see if it still gives you an error.
You could check with the default theme if the errors are still current, no need to install a new theme just yet.