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Full Version: Attachment Type images not upgraded
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I just did a test upgrade on my local server from 1.6.13 to 1.8.2.

Some of the old filenames were .gif whereas now they're all .png so I get a lot of broken image icons.
update manualy all attachment images in ACP

+ same for smilies...
The problem with updating them is that admins might use custom smilies/attachment images/post icons with the same name and extension as the default 1.6 files and they may not wish to change them to .png. So I don't think we should fix that, especially now in 1.8.2.
I think this should be rejected... it could cause a lot of side effects. It is not a problem to set .png manually
okay. I just wasn't sure if it was something you guys noticed or not.
Anyway thank you Smile I had to update .gif to .png for smilies and attachment icons manually in 3 forums... Maybe there should be a note during updating from 1.6 to MyBB 1.8
Rejecting, I don't think we should touch it in 1.8.5/1.8.6 anymore + as mentioned earlier admins may add custom images with default names and then changing .gif to .png in database won't work as expected, unless we check MD5 of each file and compare them with 1.6 icons' MD5s.

If someone feels otherwise, feel free to submit a PR that considers custom files.