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Full Version: Post buttons & ACP in navigation.
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I installed a new theme and got almost everything working on it but still have 2 problems I can't seem to figure out.

[Image: CTSOozN.png] 
1) The above buttons do not show when users (including admin/mods) try to make a post. How can I get them to show?

2) I want to add AdminCP and ModCP to my side navigation:
[Image: CZ0BTPt.png]

I have no problem adding the links there but how would I make ACP only visible to admins and ModCP only visible to admins and mods?

I appreciate any helpful replies!
1. is the theme compatible with 1.8
just for confirming, ACP >> Configuration >> Clickable Smilies and BB Code >> Clickable MyCode Editor >> is set to "ON"
is your theme uses any jquery noconflict scripts, check in headerinclude template

2. is that side navigation will be available in all pages or in specific pages??? you might need to use PHP in Templates or Template Conditionals
1. The theme works perfectly fine with 1.8 and all the plugins also work with it (with a little editing). Yes they are set to "ON" but they just don't show, I was assuming there is something missing from a template file somewhere.

2. Yes, the navigation is available on ALL pages and anything clicked on the navigation shows to the right. At the top of the default page I see "AdminCP and ModCP" but normal users don't see them, I'm trying to do the same on this theme in my navigation.

Thanks for the reply.
for the first issue, can we have forum url & test user account
for the second one, you may have to use Template Conditionals plugin
I guess it's this:

And this theme is no way 1.8 compatible: You're one of these people who think "Hey! A theme got uploaded and looks fine, so it works with 1.8." but that couldn't be more wrong. Try registering with that theme for example, you'll notice that you're always detected as spammer because your member_register template is not 1.8 compatible. And keep in mind that there are many other issues like this which are not visible at first sight, until you update multiple templates.
I've decided to ditch the template after I read Destroy666's reply. This template is not the default template so users will most likely never use it to register BUT I want all features and templates to work 100% and I don't have the know how to get it to work.