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Full Version: Using Javascript in myBB?
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Hello all, I've got a small question concerning where I'm supposed to place javascript in a myBB website and how to use it once it's there. Say I needed some sort of RPG dice-rolling/random-number-generating feature on my forum, but I can't find any 1.8 plugins for it. So instead, I looked for some sort of javascript I could use, that would hopefully let players generate a number with a string of code or a command of some sort. If I could find or create a javascript that would do that, where would I need to put the code?

Let's assume for the purposes of this pose that I'm new to myBB and pretty stupid when it comes to scripting : P
Maybe try using the page manager plugin and create a custom page and add the desired script in the page template.
The host I'm using doesn't have that plugin, and while I suppose I could pose it to them I might not get it passed. I'm on 1.8 anyway, not 1.6. If I can't use that, are there any other methods?