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Full Version: How can I change Rep button?
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I would like to change my forums postbit rep button to directly affects rep point.
I dont want to see comment page when I press the button. Directly +1 rep would be good. (Like thanks plugins)
If I had more time this would be a more thorough answer, but you can probably figure it out from here or some one else can answer

This is the code you need:
<a href="javascript:MyBB.reputation({$post['uid']},{$post['pid']});" title="{$lang->postbit_reputation_add}" class="postbit_reputation_add"><span>YOUR LINK HERE</span></a>

If you go to Your template >> Postbit >> post_author_user you can throw this code in:

<a href="javascript:MyBB.reputation({$post['uid']},{$post['pid']});" title="{$lang->postbit_reputation_add}" class="postbit_reputation_add"><span>{$post['replink']}</span></a>

and that'll wrap the word "Reputation" in the postbit, into a clickable link that does the same thing as the rep button. But I don't know off the top of my head how to make the actual number change into a direct rep link. You'll have to do some investigating.
i think i should change the rating javascript in javascripts folder. but i don't know how to i do this.

It is in javascripts/general.js Smile

Omg they have already did it.