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Full Version: Limit thread to OP and Mod replies only
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Hi, i'm completely brand new to running MyBB myself, but familiar with forums in general.

I was interested in creating a forum where only the OP and Mods could reply to threads for a troubleshooting sort of area. I searched and found some old plugin that seemed to do that. I understand that 1.8 is very recent and that plugin is not compatible.

Is there a way in 1.8 to make threads such that only the OP and Mods can reply? I'd like to prevent other users from replying and side-tracking the conversation.

While I'm at it, are there any other features of MyBB that could help with a troubleshooting/support style forum? I'm familiar with sticky threads, but just wondering if there are any other options that would help users search (is there any ajax search thing?) for topics, maybe tags, or organizing threads other than sub-forums.

But the most important thing (and why I just installed MyBB haha) is the limitation of replies in threads.


perhaps i just answered my own question, but i'm finally going through the setup portion and in the Forum options, there is a setting of "can only reply to own threads" per user type.

i guess this is the one i was looking for Smile i'll try it and find out.

but if anyone has other suggestions regarding my OP, i'd love to hear it. thanks!
You don't need any plugin. Just go to Forums & Posts in admin panel. Click options and permissions.

You can set permissions for posting/viewing etc. here.