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Full Version: Delete user-views in ACP
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I have a question.

How can I delete the the user groups in user views?

[Image: 2dj9qbl.jpg]

[Image: 2eulheb.jpg]

Before the update 1.8.2 we had made our views and assigned to specific user groups .
Unfortunately, the "manage views" did not work ...

I have just given me a view (Administratrice) that now also appears in the manageprofiles view , I can also edit , which is also great.

[Image: 30vom12.jpg]

Now  the other groups ( en attente d' activation, je suis nouveau etc....)  do not appear in view/manage view.

How and where do I go to delete the orphaned groups in view?

Since the views even work now , I would create new groups on views.

Thanks for an answer!


ps.: I hope the pictures help to understand something   Wink

I just found the file "mybb_adminviews"

Problem solved ;-)