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Full Version: no mail at all after upgrading
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ok i will try to explain my problem

from the begining of my mybb forum
me and members used to get emails when someone  recive a PM
before we upgrade we edit the things out
so all the members gets an email when they recive a reply on their topics
and it was was working great
after we upgrad to mybb 1.8.1
all the emails stopped
no emails when we recive a PM
no emails when we recive a reply
i even did not get an e.mail in my birthday
even all the forums i am in sent me one
es=xcept mine
how can i bring back all the e.mail system
my forum

any help
Make sure the Admin Email is from the same domain as the forum.
how can i make sure of that....??
Yes, happened to me too. I'm running 1.8.2 and mail just stopped being sent to anyone but admin.

Admin email = domain

even to me
and also the massmail
is not received by anyone
any help