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Full Version: PM subject replaced with a number and invalid link
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After upgrading to 1.8, all PM's recived look like this:

Translation: You have a new PM from Lyvyoo with subject  13106

As you can see, the real subject (that is "hello") was replaced with a number, and if you click the number (subject) you are redirected to:

with no content but this error:

Invalid  PM 

Other things to try:

But I can read the message if I enter to the PM menu and I see the real subject. The bug appear only to the notification bar!

What can I do?

The language pack you are using is probably not compatible with MyBB 1.8.
And the only solution is to remove the language pack? Is not possible to make a mod/tweek in order to correctly view the subject of PM's?
replies here might help => PM / Language problem
There have been a lot of changes and additions to the language pack. Tweaking all these things is a huge task.
But how to switch completely to english language pack? I select english from Board settings/General Configuration/Default Language, but I see no changes in forum.
Have you gone to the User CP and selected English for the board language?
Thank you!
The language of my user CP was not english!