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Full Version: without any theme
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Suddenly my forum appears without any theme
just a white page with the categories and forums listed

how to restore the theme back please?

I tried to assign other themes as default, but it did not work either.

Please post your forum url.

Edit: I see, looks like css don't work, did you changed something in css recently? Any css.
try this....

ACP >> Themes >> Your Theme >> global.css >> Edit in advanced mode >> Save

after saving it, open your forums and hard refresh it (Ctrl+F5)
still not working
cache folder, cache/themes folder and all its sub-folders (theme1 , theme2 ... etc) should be writable (CHMOD 777)
see file permissions guidance
sorry. not fixed
^ would you like to PM me temporary access to files (ftp) and admin panel to check the referred issue
I have PM to you the access details

I would like to mention that the forum was installed under /forum directory
before I moved the files to the root and updated the config.php / settings.php files
and updated the database as well.
I had the same problem, it was an theme incompatiablity issue for me.
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