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Full Version: User registration issue after 1.8.2 update
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Ok this is a continuing issue since 1.8 upgrade.

When I went from 1.6 to 1.8 I got notice saying there is 1 user awaiting activation which is fine.  After going to search for new users awaiting activation and activating them the message didn't disappear until I cleared cache.

Now the new problem after 1.8.2 update. I still get a message saying 1 user awaiting activation. However when I go to search for users and select users awaiting activation group the search doesn't show any results.

Is there any way around this to let me activate new users?

Edit: ok so I found a way around the issue. When searching for new users I had to change ICQ number from 0 to blank, post count from 0 to blank and thread count from 0 to blank. Also had to specify "registered in the last" number of days. Didn't have to do any of this before, just picked awaiting activation group and it found all users matching that group.
Both issues have already been reported.