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Full Version: Can no longer upload pictures/attachments
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My hosting company did something that caused MyBB to tell me that my inc/setting.php file was no longer writeable and i needed to go in and change the permissions.

However, now I notice that I can't load pictures anymore. Every morning I submit the same type of picture, and this morning was no different....I successfully loaded a picture.

This evening I attempted to load the same kind of picture and got a fail error. So, I tried loading the same exact picture that I successfully loaded this morning and got the same ERROR. This is what I get. No settings were ever changed. Just all of a sudden, I can't load pictures anymore.


Any ideas on what the problem is? My guess is that one file in some folder got messed up permissions when my hosting company did whatever it was.

Is there a list somewhere that has all the files and associated permissions so I can ensure everything is in order?

Thank you.
see required folders & files permissions

basically uploads folder should be writable and web server should have a temporary folder set (it is above forum root level)