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Full Version: permanent delete post not working
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I am able to do soft deletion of a post but unable to do permanent deletion. When i select a post, it do not appear in inline moderation for permanent deletion. See the image, i have selected the post to delete but one can see that it is not appearing in the inline moderation for permanent deletion.
Are you allowed permanently thread deleting in admin cp?
Ok, i was asking as a admin, not in adminCp. I know how to prune posts, delete users and much more. Being admin user, i can delete a post by selecting the post or thread which i want to.
Can you give me test acc with moderation options for just one forum wich is not important, with test thread. Don't post acc public. sent me on pm.
I will hold on for someone to reply for that exactly what went wrong first.
You must have that except if you delete that in template (Show Thread Templates)

When you click on that you must get this: [Image: Bez_naslova.png]
I have selected the post to delete but it is not appearing in as selected in inline moderation ( see image) and that why i m unable to delete it. It should appear as selected to delete.

Problem solved.
@Ikerepc where is this?:

already found it
^ Inline Post Moderation tools are available to administrators & moderators.
they should be visible at footer of threads (just below quick reply form)