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Full Version: make people a new group when they pay
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Hi.......again again.

How can i in mybb 1.8.3 make people pay, and then they'll get in another usergroup?

I installed the VIP plugin, and now i want a plugin for paying. So they can pay for being VIP.

I want it so people can pay for being VIP in 1, 3, 6 & 12 months. They should when payed, automaticly go to the VIP group, for the months that they paid for, and then automaticly go to users again, when membership expired? how can i do this?
VIP plugin could you tell where this plugin is please i need the same as you for 18 too
I already have that plugin, but i need to move them manually. I want it automaticly for certan periode, when they paid on a payment method, that i need as well
Try this plugin, it's not free, but it does what you say you want.