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Full Version: Add links to the footer in admincp?
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Hi. How do i add links to the footer of admin cp? And how do i remove the 'generated in'?
(2014-11-21, 08:09 PM)coxuso Wrote: [ -> ]And how do i remove the 'generated in'?
Configuration>>Settings>>Server and Optimization Options>>Advanced Stats / Debug information>> tick "no".

I know that. I am talking about in the admin panel
~/admin/inc/class_page.php file echoes that debug information in admin panel (Line ~ 225)
echo "<div id=\"footer\"><p class=\"generation\">".$lang->sprintf($lang->generated_in, $totaltime, $debuglink, $querycount, $memory_usage)."</p><p class=\"powered\">Powered By <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">MyBB</a>, &copy; 2002-".COPY_YEAR." <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">MyBB Group</a>.</p></div>\n";

if you need any links in admin panel footer then you can add them before / after above given code
Thak you so much! Is it against the rules to change the logo in there? And where do i do it, if not?
^ you can do whatever you like. admin panel logo is of small size.
you can make required image of same size and replace the current logo image

if you are using default theme for admin panel then logo image is =>