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Full Version: Can't upload .zip and .apk file as attachment
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Can't upload .zip and .apk file as attachment in this forum. How to fix it?
uploading .zip should work. what are you trying to upload & what is the size of file ?
Both didn't work except image. tried on this forum and my own running mybb 1.8.3

Also tried with Ajax Multiple Upload Attachment Plugin don't work

After upload the page refresh and does not show the attachment
not sure about referred plugin - can you disable it & post a test user account for your forum so that someone can check
.zip and .apk file attachment also don't work on this forum. I think it is PHP coding problem in mybb script
^ here is a simple zip attachment.

Figured out image attachment over 1mb don't work. For .zip and .apk over 2mb, after upload the page refresh and the .zip file is not uploaded both on mine and this forum.

Btw, how to increase the attachment limit?
admin panel >> configuration >> attachment types --> Edit (for required attachment type)

And you may require increase in post_max_size setting (in general it is 8M) by web host