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Full Version: missing recipients at PM
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Once you receive a PM which has been sent to different recipients, those recipients can not be seen anymore. You only see the recipients, once you click on "Reply to All".

At MyBB 1.6 it was the case, that you can see all recipients already in the PM.
This has already been fixed: But due to immediate security releases it's in 1.8.4 instead of 1.8.2. Nvm, don't know where I got that from, it's a part of 1.8.1 actually.
which version do you use?
(2014-11-22, 07:42 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: [ -> ]which version do you use?

Edit: Thank you for the above link. It seems that something went wrong at a different template set. So it's not a bug Blush

Then you most likely didn't use the Find Updated templates functionality after 1.8.0 -> 1.8.1 upgrade.
@destroy - could you test it here in forum? Send me a pm if you wanna someone
@Eldenroot, no, I tested it locally though (as supposed to) and it's fine for me. If it doesn't work here, it means someone forgot to update the template here too, but that's a topic for Community & Site Issues forum.

You ought to have $post['subject_extra'] in postbit: and postbit_classic: templates.