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Full Version: background of message entry
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How do you change the colour of the background of post entering?  I seem to remember this is edited through post_content and post_body but these elements don't seem to exist in the 1.8 series
What exactly? Background of post or of text editor?
The background of the text entry box you type in when creating a post.  (The box I am typing in right now)
Add in global.css next code:
textarea#message {
  background: #fff;

Change #fff to color you want.
Afraid that didn't work.  I added to global.css:

textarea#message {

  background: #000000;

but still white background..
Please give me your forum url
Have you test account with what I can acces editor?

Can you sent it to me on pm?

I will register. I see you have problem with
form input.valid
Too at registration page
Find that in global.css

I see it's black... I don't see problem here.