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I have edited my help documents in the ACP, but since the upgrade to 1.8 my edits do not show. Is this a bug in 1.8? How to fix it?

I'm running 1.8.3 and a compatible 1.8 theme (Square).
Default help documents or your own?

Have you them at admin cp but they don't show on forum or they are deleted?
I have edited the default help documents in the acp panel but they show up unedited with the original default wording.
Are you checked them at language files?

Admin cp -> configuration -> languages -> button options -> edit language variables

check helpdocs.lang.php
Should that be necessary? This is what I've done:

(10-26-2014, 06:02 PM)dragonexpert Wrote: [ -> ]You can actually edit the help documents in the ACP.

ACP->Config->Help Documents.  You can then Add, Delete, or Edit entries already listed.

It seems my edits were overwritten in the language files when I upgraded to 1.8, but I have since cached the edits which still remain in Configuration/Help Documents/Manage Help Documents, but nothing happens. The default version remains.

Has anyone successfully edited the default help documents in the Configuration section since the upgrade to 1.8?
I had this on an upgrade in the 1.6 series and I was furious Toungue

I ended up disabling all the default help docs and replacing them with custom ones as those don't get overridden. That would be my advice - disable the defaults and add your own.
1.8 upgrades changes all documents to use translations, no idea why. You can do one of these:
- remove the translated doc strings
- change the usetranslation column in mybb_helpdocs table in your database to 0
- wait for a more userfriendly checkbox that is planned to be added to MyBB core for each doc: