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Full Version: Security issue?
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Greetings MyBB Community,

As of my recent re-installation of mybb 1.8, I've tried many black and red themes, of which all were for an older update. ( If you know a good black and red theme pls comment it here.)

Also, whenever I tried to install one a "Tema" (thats the theme name), I recieved this error message:

The following errors were encountered:
A potential security issue was found in the theme. It was not imported. Please contact the Author or MyBB Group for support.

If it is needed for investigation, whatsoever, heres the download:

Also I'm in need for a good black and red theme for 1.8, cheers.
1. You shouldn't use 1.6 themes in 1.8, you'll get more problems than that.
2. But if you really want to have problems, check: