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Full Version: How can i reinstall 1.8x and clean restore my forum data?
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Dear All,

So sorry if this have been bring up, lately since i have upgrade from v1.6 to v1.8x my forum seems to be weird
first it was my template that act weird, then follow by some plug in script, new i notice that my forum have lot of spammer and i notice almost every new member have disable PM, even i have set the allowed to PM member in the ACP the option for me to PM new member is not allowed. Sometime, when i try to make a post, i have to submit a few time, and i get error like threat is missing or something Sad

Can anyone advice me on how to reinstall from backup
i am looking at to restore my forum core setting like
- all forum member registration information
- all member post
- all member PM
- those needed information

All current template used, theme, plugin, ads plugin or any add on, i planning not to import in any of these setting as i want to be clean as possible for this re-installation, please advice what data i need to import as backup?

Can anyone advice me, how to fully disable the function for user to disable PM and email from administrator and Mob
i want to be able to PM & email anyone in my forum, how to remove such option in my forum
once this is being remove, how can i deploy this setting to everyone.

Many Thanks
see Common SQL queries and how to run them
Quote:Set all people to recieve admin emails (requires template changes to remove option to change again):
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `allownotices` = '1' WHERE `allownotices` = '0' 

Set all people to recieve PMs (requires template changes to remove option to change again):
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `receivepms` = '1' WHERE `receivepms` = '0' 

for the other issues, basically you have to install MyBB 1.8 compatible theme & use it
Thanks you .m. very much for the fast reply.... i have try the theme, but it is still mess up my forum.... so i got no choice to reinstall every from clean.... i think when i i upgrade my forum i recall i disable all my custom setting like honey port, ads etc.... but some how, my forum still act weird......
As i try thew new theme, the new still look weird on mobile device T_T
can you let me know, for a clean reinstall of 1.83, what data i need to pop over.

the 2nd option look cool.... i think i will access my phpmyadmin to make such update.
but can i ask, after the update how to make the template changes like you have suggest, so sorry for this noob question
posts, settings, and themes are stored in database. reinstalling a fresh forum & restoring old database doesn't help.
can we have your forum url & a test user account for basic checking
Hi .m.

i have pm you a account for testing......
you will be able to see few template on test, for some reason it all fail

btw, you say all posts, settings, and themes are stored in database.... etc etc
if i only restore selected setting will it work....
like account db
posting db
ranking db
post count db
etc etc