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Full Version: Images not showing/working?
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Well i've uploaded a new theme, images are correctly named, in correct places everything's correct, but it's not showing, i've tryed re-uploading individual but nothing's working please help me solve this! And All thread 9New Thread, Locked Thread, ect) all are corrected and they don't even show.
can we have forum url and the theme name
My forum is currently down, Cloudflare tells me to contact my host at this time for the site to be up. But the theme is
which MyBB version you are using ? if it is 1.8.x then referred theme is not compatible

MyBB 1.8.x themes available here
well check in USER CP -> edit option -> see if Display images in posts. and Display videos in posts. are clicked
if not then choose them and update options
it should work.
For permanent solution, you can run those queries in PHPMyAdmin, or some other database manager:

UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `showimages` = '1' WHERE `showimages` = '0' 


UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `showvideos` = '1' WHERE `showvideos` = '0' 

It will be solved permanently.