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Full Version: Problem with logins
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Hi, i have i big problem in my forum.

When a user connect to the forum he was in another account. He warning me about that and i check the logs of logins.

I see this:    User1    User2    User3    User4    User5    User6

I don't know how, but people with the same IP (Other PC, and not cyber) login in another accounts (Without cookies).

Can you help me?..

- Forum version Mybb 1.8.3
check if this helps
admin panel >> configuration >> settings >> Server and Optimization Options --> Scrutinize User's IP address? --> select yes & save settings
That option is already activated
^ hmm., you have to contact web host and seek support
btw, run file verification tool available at tools & maintenance section to ensure that MyBB source files are not changed.