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Full Version: function of stick topic not working
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i noticed after upgrade
some functions are not working 
for example - stick topic or unstick topic
it says that it did it but it does nothing 
if u do this from the thread - it does not change / effect
if u do this from the forum page - it does
how to fix it ?
Check your templates.
what do i do ??
what to fix ??

(2014-11-30, 10:33 AM)Leefish Wrote: [ -> ]Check your templates.
^ can you look for javascript errors in the browser console and find the fixes !

remove noconflict code from headerinclude template.
also comment out or remove below code from the headerinclude template
<script type="text/javascript">
      $(document).ready(function () {

if you still have referred issues then you may PM me temporary access to admin panel to check