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Full Version: Can't Sign In After Transferring Site
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After I transfered my site to a new host and got it running it wont let me login.

I'm pretty sure that it is because the URL of the forum is still set to the old site in the board settings.

So how would I edit those settings without signing in?

EDIT: I can't sign into the front end nor the back end.
first you have to edit the settings in ~/inc/settings.php file
then log into admin panel and put again correct settings & save

basically board url & cookie settings should be correct. see related guidance
I did that, but got a 403 error
^ is that 403 error got for settings.php file ? is it writable ? (required permissions for folders & files)
No, I get a 403 error when I try to login. I can edit the file just fine.
have you checked required permissions for folders & files

if that doesn't help then contact web host and ask if they have mod_security enabled - if so disable it for your forum.

btw, can we have your forum url
The forum URL is

EDIT: Just applied those permissions and I still get a 403 error.