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Full Version: Delete/edit thread doesn't work also moderation doesn't
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Hello everyone,

I need some help, my inline post moderation won't work, the delete button's gone and when I click edit it doesn't give me the option of doing a full edit or a quick edit. Help?
can we have your forum url and which version of MyBB you are using That is the URL, I am using the latest version of MyBB, If you need the adminCP just private message me and I will give you my account details for my forum.
^ open myalerts.js file in a editor (eg. notepad++) or through web host file manager and remove the first line (noconflict code)
Edit: also remove the repeated code of MyAlerts from the headerinclude template

if that doesn't help then you can PM me temporary admin account to check
.m. you are officially awesome, thanks so much. Its worked.