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Full Version: Missing Date / Time
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Hi all,

I updated my forum a couple of days ago to 1.8.3 - seemed to go OK, but I've noticed that the date & time is not showing for any posts made today (see image below)


As can be seen - posts made yesterday display the date & time as I'd expect it to.

Also, for posts edited today, there also seems to be an error, which I guess is somehow related?


Any ideas folks?


I've got the same problem (plus a few others) after upgrading to 1.8.6. Does anyone knows what's causing this?
Update youre time zone and check time.php file
Changing the language to English (American) seemed to resolve the issue(s).
What's the link to your site
(10-09-2015, 06:40 PM)mrmod Wrote: [ -> ]Update youre time zone and check time.php file

Sorry for the very late reply - timezone is set to UK (GMT/BST) and the time that is shown on posts (the following day) is correct.

I can't see a time.php file anywhere - could you advise as to where it should be?


There's no time.php. You should have followed this advice too (or rather only this):

(10-09-2015, 09:34 PM)KVV Wrote: [ -> ]Changing the language to English (American) seemed to resolve the issue(s).
Thanks for the reply, but I've tried that and am still confused..
ACP > Config > Settings > Languages gives me the options of :

English (British) or English (American) - with no way of defaulting / disabling either.

I apologise if I'm missing something obvious.

Thanks for your help so far.

Southsea, UK
You can delete a chosen language from FTP in inc/languages.