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Is it possible to change the settings so that when you make a new quick reply, instead of going into the page where it says reply posted, redirecting or w/e, can I have it so that it does: Loading.. Please wait, and posts the reply without refreshing the thread?

first you have to replace general.js file from MyBB 1.8.x pack then check quick reply on MyBB's stock theme.
I've also suggested to replace index.php file from MyBB 1.8.x (I do not remember exact version of your forum)
Thanks! Where do I get the files for that?
if you installed MyBB forum then source files pack should be somewhere in your computer (unless you deleted)
if it is MyBB 1.8.3 then you can Download a fresh copy and re-upload only suggested 2 files
Uhh, I want it to do the "Loading... Please wait" ;o I thought the 1.8 files doesn't do that?
^ All MyBB versions have quick reply posting without refreshing the page. you have 1.6.x version general.js file on 1.8.x forum
Done, uploaded the new general.js file, nothing changed, but it works on default theme. Do I have to contact envira, who's the maker of my theme to update it?
^ I have been saying to contact theme coder from the beginning or you may have to hire someone for updating the theme

may be someone earlier suggested this simple theme updating guidance => Basic Theme updating 1.6.x - 1.8.x
Yes, been waiting for over a week with no solution from him, he provides a very bad support.
Also, is there a way to stop my members signature from reverting back to text?
[Image: FBPwj0A.png]

Do you know of anyone who can update themes?
for now, you can use default theme if custom theme is causing issues.
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