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Full Version: [String(xx) Thread Name] when viewing forums
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On every forum, when browsing the threads posted in the category, I see that text on the top. It disappears when I open any thread. Doesnt matter is the thread sticky or normal.

string(xx) threadname, string(xx) threadname

[Image: STIvtYE.png?1]

Live ErrorRolleyes
MyBB Version: 1.8.3 (New Installation)

Something I tried to fix it, but didnt help: 
  • Reupload showthread.php
  • Reupload forumdisplay.php
Regards, QentiC
can you post list of active plugins
[Image: xrfWOdn.png]

Edit: Didnt even think of trying to deactivate some plugins one by one to see if it helps. Deactivating the plugin Many New Posts fixed the issue.