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Full Version: full webpage view
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Hi! most of my forum pages are not showing full view in browser. As an example in this link:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=33193]
you can see the footer is not in the down area in page. How should I fix this. Please help. Thanks
can you try to reduce html errors in the code edits
if you are confused, you can PM me temporary admin account to check this & earlier footer links issue
You could add a min-height rule to the global.css id content, like:

#content {
	background: #fff;
	width: auto !important;
	padding: 20px 10px;
	overflow: hidden;
	min-height: 500px;

But there are some other errors in your html site script. The "div#header" includes  "div#content" - thats wrong!
Hi!  Thank you both for supporting. issues fixed.