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Full Version: index page is working nothing else
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I transferred my website to another host, but i m now seeing that my website is showing normally without any problem in home page only, but on the other pages, posts, threads, ucp, or anything at all, it is showing only a blank white page, nothing else. my website is in sig.
I assume you've setup your new database and imported the old tables and then updated the file with new details?

Are you able to access to your admin panel?
i did not update any files at all. while moving from one host to another, for sure, i had to make new databases and user as well, and that i changed in config.php nothing else.

No i m not able to access my admin panel. its blank as well.
Yeah just checking.

Have you checked your error logs in cpanel?
yeah that i have said already, only index page is working, nothing else. i dont use cpanel, so cant see error logs.
Which forum control panel do you use?
I use zpanelcp hosting control panel
Do you have a .htaccess file?
mybb installation doesnt have .htaccess, so no, i dont, but i can create it if needed. But in last host as well, i did not had that.
Which version of mybb are you using and please post your general.js file here
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