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Full Version: How to remove this annoying string text on the top of my logo ? [BUG!]
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A weird and Suspicious bug happen on my forums. Undecided

When i clicked to Announcement Forum. It shows a weird text on the top of my logo.

[Image: 88e8633915.png]

I want to remove it

here is my forums:
If you installed Forum announcement Plugin then go edit it or deactivate the plugin, otherwise go templates your theme and then check The Index Page, Header, Footer Smile

Then remove the message if you see it.

Let me know if your still having this issue.
It doesnt work, I uninstall the announcement plugin, Still showing that string text, and i cannot find that text on index, header, footer template.

oh, there is another bug, but same problem!

When creating / posting thread. The string text just appear. And if i delete the thread the string text will get removed.

[img] [/img]
How to fix this Sad

Please help!

Thanks in advance!

Problem Solved by removing the Many New Post plugin!

Thanks for helping